WI Games Projects Games for your site

Shooting Heads

Defy the king of the map or become a king yourself and repel attacks of your opponents! Play until you get bored or until you give up!

Zombie Dungeon Challenge

How long do you hold out when there's nowhere to retreat? Kill as many zombies as you can!

Tresuare Cave

Start your quest for treasure! Overcome the first 20 levels on the way to the cherished reward or create your own story in the level editor!


Fight together with your team in the arena against other players from around the world!


PewPewIO.online is a new multiplayer game in the IO style with unique gameplay!

Battle Cube

Battle Cube is a three person shooter made in the spirit of IO games. It's simple and there's nothing superfluous in it! Just create a room, select a map and round duration or immediately plunge into an ongoing battle!


WarPixIO.online is a new 3D game in IO style. Create your own unique character, choose appropriate weapon and challenge players from all over the world in the arena.


BomberIO.online is a selection of classic BomberMan and IO style games.