Beginning of work

1) Registration
2) Submission of a domain
3) Widget configuration
4) Monetization configuration (Submission of banners) (Requirements to banners)


To start work in system, pass simple registration.

After registration your account is available straight away!

Добавление домена

After authorization you automatically get to control panels on the "Platforms" tab

To submit domain enter it into the corresponding line.

After check of your domain on compliance to requirements to platforms it receives the active status and control of the widget and monetization will be available.

Widget configuration

In this section you can adjust appearance of your widget, the size of the button to call it and position on the page. You can also add the identifiers to counters Yandex.Metrics (format: 12345678 ) or Google Analytics (format: AA-12345678-9 )

You can set a code on the site at once. All changes you make in settings concerning the size and positioning of buttons come into force automatically and won't demand replacement of the code on the site. Pay attention that jQuery library is necessary for work of your widget.

Monetization control (Submission of banners)

To submit banners and for their subsequent display you need to pass to the tab "Platform monetization".

Fill in all necessary fields and choose location of the advertising block. At the time of writing of this manual it is possible to use only banners with horizontal positioning. Banners will be displayed on all pages with games of your widget.

After moderation the status will be displayed opposite to each of the submitted banners.

!!!Pay your attention!!! The following materials, and also links to pages with them aren't allowed to placement::

  • pornography and content for adults only;
  • materials with violence elements;
  • materials about cracking computer systems and programs;
  • harmful or advertising software;
  • the materials connected with drugs and means for their use;
  • content connected with sale of beer and hard alcoholic beverages;
  • content connected with sale or advertising of tobacco products and accompanying goods;
  • content connected with sale or advertising of weapons and ammunition (for example, firearms and its components, fighting knives and stun guns);
  • information on programs of remuneration of users for cliques on announcements or offers, search performance, viewing of the sites or reading

In case your banners for some reason don't meet the requirements of service we will send the corresponding notices.

At the time of writing of this manual the percent of the commission makes 30% of displays of advertising blocks.